How It Works

You let me know what kind of gathering you are having and you and I will figure out the perfect activity and experience for your guests. Email me through the contact button below so we can work out a meeting time either in person or via email or phone. 


Who Would Enjoy This

Girls' Night In - Rather than driving to paint or create somewhere else and worrying about the costs of food and beverages, along with the activity at that facility's bar. Think of it like the activity coming to you. Choose an art activity you would like to do with your friends. You provide the place, the food and drinks. I will provide all of the materials, set-up, clean-up, basic instruction without getting in the way of your socializing. And, depending on the activity you choose, everyone will leave with a keepsake, or I will deliver them back to you to distribute to your friends later (glass projects). 

Kids' Parties - Tell me what activity you want for your child's/teen's party and I will bring everything for it to the party. I will give instruction, set-up, clean-up, and provide all of the required materials. And, I will blend it into your party decor. OR, I am happy to brainstorm the perfect party you are hoping for and I can provide the decor, themed with the activity so everything will be cohesive and hassle free for you. 

Co-Ed/Work Gathering - If you need a getting to know you experience with coworkers or some other group of people, making art together is the perfect activity. People can be have fun, converse, and perhaps learn to do something new together. It creates a shared memory and a nonthreatening way to learn about one another. I am happy to help you map out your entire experience or simply weave an art activity into your larger plans. I will provide all of the materials, set-up, clean-up, basic instruction without getting in the way of your getting to know one another. 

Baby/Bridal Shower - Often, shower games are lame...just being honest. Wouldn't it be more fun to create together. It could be something that everyone creates together for the bride/baby/parent-to-be, like a quilt or book of shared wisdom. Or, it could be individual takeaways that everyone will have to remember the special celebration. I will provide all of the materials, set-up, clean-up, basic instruction without getting in the way of your celebration.

What Is Available

Individual Projects

  • mini canvas collage
  • shrinky dink activities
  • name banners
  • decorated sugar cookies
  • fused glass pendant or rings
  • stamping and coloring crafts
  • nail and string art
  • make your own polymer clay beads
  • leather bracelets or earrings
  • candy making 
  • textile crafts & hand sewing projects
  • super hero capes and masks

Group Projects

  • quilt blanket
  • memory book
  • celebration platter (glass or ceramic)

If you come up with something you'd like done, I can probably figure it out and facilitate it for you. 

I am a teacher and a learner and I enjoy a challenge. So, whatever you think you might want to do, I am happy to try to figure out for you. And, we can decide if it will work for you. 


Deposit - A $75 deposit is required to reserve the date and time for your party. This becomes non-refundable if a cancellation is made fewer than 5 days from the party. 

Group Projects - Pricing varies depending on the group project you select. The price for a group project will not, however, depend on the number of people participating. 

Individual Projects - These projects run between $10 and $20 per person. Part of this is dependent upon materials cost and part is dependent upon how much preparation time they take, for instance baking your sugar cookies to decorate at the party. 

Party Decor - I will only charge you my cost for decor, plus the time to put it up for you. And, we will agree on this during our planning chat. 

Special Requests - We can agree to the pricing of whatever you come up with during our planning chat.