About 10 years ago, I moved to a new city, not knowing anyone. The last time I did that, I took a cake decorating class and discovered that it was fun; I wasn't half bad at it; and I made some lovely friends. With that as my experience, I decided to take a basic fused glass class in Denver and had a similar experience. 

Fast forward 10 years and I actually consider myself an artist, which is an exciting development for me. I love making jewelry that I would wear but I more enjoy making pieces that are a bit larger and show off color and texture well. 

In my main life, I teach middle school and I have teenaged sons, so working in my studio both makes me happy and keeps me more sane. I think of my work as part art therapy, part creative endeavor.

Perhaps because I am a teacher and because I have had such good experiences creating with other people, I have also begun my Traveling Craft Party. Click on the link above and read about how I can help you orchestrate a girls' night in or a fantastic party for your child's birthday or some other gathering. 

I hope you enjoy looking through my site and find something you love or would love to do.